by Rapid Bike
Scrambler Model

Rapid Bike Quickshifter Kit includes everything needed to add clutchless quick shifting to any motorcycle that has a Rapid Bike EVO tuning system installed.

Strain Gauge/Loadcell quick-shifter connects directly to the RapidBike wiring harness. Universal shift rod included.

This quick shifting rod can work in both directions, by push or pull (not in both directions at the same time). This allows for simple switching between standard shift and reverse shift patterns.

The sensor detects the force applied and consequently sends a signal to the , therefore there are no moving parts which can be damaged after using for a long period of time. The digital display is used to set which way to upshift (push or pull) and to set the preload pressure (measured in Kg) which is necessary for activation.

Note: Universal shift rod is included and can be easily trimmed by dremel or hacksaw in order to fit the exact shift throw length you prefer.