Klim Fully Armored Revener Jacket

by Klim

Adventure begins when plans go awry. The test is all that’s left. It’s what you seek. The Revener is a premium, fully armored weather proof jacket that protects you on the road and keeps you stylish off the bike.

Fits true to size, additional sizing details In gallery!

  1. Gore-tex® performance shell
    1. Guaranteed to keep you dry®
  2. Highly durable and breathable safety
  3. Fully armored
    1. D30® CE level 1 elbow armor (2)
    2. D30® CE level 1 shoulder armor (2)
    3. D30® CE level 1 back pad (1) cargo
  4. High functioning pockets
    1. 6 external pockets (2 top, 2 bottom, 2 pocket behind bottom pockets)
    2. 4 internal pockets (2 zippered, 2 open stash, 1 passport) ventilation
    3. 4 vents (2 side vents, 2 back exhaust vents) fit/style/comfort
  5. Premium magnet closures throughout
  6. Subtle metal brand accents
  7. Plaid accents interior of jacket
  8. Lower hem cinch, external buttons
  9. Snap closure on bottom and top other features


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