Ducabike Clear Clutch Cover

by Ducabike

You must also purchase a “Ducabike Mechanical Clutch Actuator” for the scrambler.


Ducabike Ducati wet clutch case cover with clear clutch cover. This is a very unique item that is only manufactured by Ducabike. CNC machined from a single block of aluminum then anodized. Choose between a silver or black case cover and then your choice of clutch cover ring color. The leading edge of the outer cover will protect the Plexiglas cover from breaking in the event of a fall.

This kit does not include the wet clutch pressure plate ring #CCDV01SM seen inside the clutch. It is available separately as it does not fit all models that the clutch case does.

Very Important: You must also purchase a "Ducabike Mechanical Clutch Actuator" for this to work on your Scrambler.


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