Bitubo XXF11 Rear Shock

by Bitubo

A true race shock, suitable for any road or track warrior. Features fully adjustable preload, rebound, compression, and length. Any performance-minded, race-oriented rider should have this shock on their bike!

Why settle for an electronic shock with 3 fixed, preset adjustments and some gold anodizing?
This isn't just a shock designed for racing...It IS A RACING SHOCK!
With adjustable high and low speed compression and rebound setting, an ultra-lightweight design and compact preload adjuster, these race proven (just ask the 2013 World Super Sport Champion Sam Lowes) shocks are ready for your bike!

The XXF Racing Shock. Under constant development and continuing improvement. XXF is sits at the top of current technology.

This is the XXF11 with manual spring preload, supplied with the following adjustments:

  • Low speed compression 24 clicks
  • High speed compression 20 clicks
  • Rebound 24 clicks
  • Millimetric Ring manual spring preload
  • Adjustable length up to 8 mm, easy to adjust with the supplied knob

RACING and focused on winning with top racers competing in multiple international, national, and regional racing championships from MotoGP, WSBK, WSS, WSTK, BSB, ISBK, IDM, MotoAmerica, WERA, CCS and more, with great success.

EVOLUTION of this shock has culminated in an overall weight decrease, using an aluminium body, which has always been a very important feature in racing for better handling response to the riders needs. In addition to new set-ups, even more race-ready, and a upgrade aimed at better performance and adjusting simplicity of the length and hydraulic spring preload adjustment.

INNOVATION is in the internals of the shock, with new technical solutions for improving the damping coefficient and increasing the stability at high temperature. The 14mm rod improves the sliding, while the 30mm piston reduces the moving fluid masses. These improvements have produced a reduction of inertial forces, and therefore an immediate control of the suspension oscillations. Some particular attention is paid to increase sensitivity and precision of the adjustments, which are all positioned in the upper portion of the shock.

OBJECTIVE is to give the rider the precise control and maximum grip increase, as well as even tire wear thanks to the immediate force control. This ensures the best rider control in the curve even at extreme inclination angles, fast direction changes, maximum confidence under acceleration in all kinds of tracks and perfect stability of the rear, even under the hardest braking.

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH is available in the range of 8mm, allowing the rider to customize the bike's geometry.  Particular care is paid to the lower attachment in order to reduce un-sprung weight from the shock which is already among the lightest in the market.

ADJUSTMENT VALVES KIT XXF shock absorbers can be easily and quickly modified thanks to the replacement of the XD compression valve and XS rebound valve. The supplied set-up is labelled on the shock body.
Bitubo Racing department has created specific set-ups for several bikes developed with the world champion teams and their riders, now available to you, the enthusiast, with specific damping coefficients.
Bitubo supplies complete valve kits in single or double speed, provided with the relative graphs.

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