DIY: Brake Fluid Catch Bottle

Here’s a simple DIY for a brake fluid catch can that makes bleeding brakes easy.

Tools Needed

  1. Clear plastic bottle
  2. Rubber tube longer than bottle (clear is better)
  3. Zip tie
  4. Drill
  5. Drill bit (equal or larger diameter than hose)

Step 1

Drill hole in bottle cap

Step 2

Zip tie the hose tube about ½ inch from the end and cut off excess. DO NOT ZIP TIE THE TUBE SHUT!

Step 3

Insert the hose from the bottom of the bottle cap.

Step 4

Attach cap to bottle and put clamp on end.

Step 5

Attach hose to brake bleeder nipple and use the clamp to hold in place. TA DA!

Step 6

Push tube down into bottle for easy storage.